We were able to optimize production at an important level for the Peruvian economy, with an annual increase of 600 million pounds in copper and 15 million pounds in molybdenum from the Cerro Verde mine located in Arequipa.


We optimize copper production in Peru!

As part of the final phase of the project, our team was in charge of the commissioning and technical assistance in functional tests of electrical equipment, such as:

  • AMPGARD starters up to 500 HP at 15 KV.
  • Switchgears metal clad.
  • Flashgard motor control center at 480 V.
  • Programming of protection relays MP-3000 and FP-5000.
  • Variable frequency drives.

Thanks to this project, we consolidate ourselves as a company with invaluable experience and impeccable quality of assistance and technical service.